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Can I use my own cleaning team to reduce cleaning costs?

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We have two scenarios for owners wanting to clean their own homes:
  • Owner Cleaning After Staying: The owner stays regularly. She wants us to do the management cleaning when guests stayed as well as marketing. She wants to save a few bucks by using her staff to clean when they depart.
  • The Owner Manage All Guests: The owner wants us to do the marketing, guest vetting and administration and she will manage the guest at her location.

Owner Cleaning After Staying:

This is a high-risk solution to saving a few bucks.

We can understand why owners may want to do their own cleaning. Other new owners also wanted to do this. But they quickly learned that we carry the can. If there is a mistake, we cannot tell guests that the owners cleaned. We are the only ones responsible.

Your maid may be good. But is her “good” good enough for us? Or let me rephrase; is her “good” good enough for the guest? We are excessively concerned with minor cleaning details.

The review scores she gets measured are her ultimate measure. And 5-star is the least we expect. We cannot leave it to chance to let anyone clean on our behalf.

We may find a solution if the host agrees; the host will do a thorough quality check supervising the cleaner a few times (at call out fee). If our host trusts the cleaner, we may agree to the owner’s cleaning.

We agree with the owner managing her own home with her own staff in exceptional situations. It is critical that we agree with the owner on the standards guests expect. The past record of owner-managed homes is not exactly what guests and CapeHolidays expected.

The Owner Manage All Guests

Guests score SuperHost CapeHolidays at 4.9 out of 5. And owner-managed homes score less. If they consistently score 4.7 out 5 or less we will have to correct the issue with the owner in no uncertain terms or cancel our agreement.

When the owner is directly involved with the full management and we only communicate with the owner, then it can work. And it’s working at 8 homes.

But when owners appoint a third party, it becomes a problem. This third party becomes a proxy owner.
When we manage the home and a third party (appointed by the owner) has access to the home; this is a recipe for disaster. The third-party causes friction between CapeHolidays and the owner in most cases.
To date, this arrangement has never worked. And we will not be interested in managing the accommodation with such a third party arrangement. If this third party reports to us, get paid by us and fired if necessary, we may agree.