Cape Town Travel Trends, Risks, Opportunities

Cape Town Travel Trends, Risks, Opportunities

How will Covid change travel, tourism and Cape Town accommodation?

You’ll read about digital nomads, pod (family) travelling in small groups looking for sole-use accommodation. The sharing economy is like the ice age. Either you adapt. And adaption does not mean governmental laws, regulations will stop it. It may delay it but in time delay is meaningless. 

By now you know the landscape changed forever. And the “epidemic” just gave it more power. More speed. Things will be different. Very different.

And as I said; we must adapt. But to adapt we should be aware of the trends, fears, and opportunities.

  • Today, I want to share with you the Western Province Government plans for tourism recovery.
  • Also, the fears of many of the world cities regarding accommodation
  • As well as the new tourism trends we are noticing, e.g. nomad business travellers and family pod travelling.

When you read the articles below, about the foreign city fears and their attempts to limit short term rentals or the sharing economy, you will read Airbnb!

Airbnb has become synonymous with self-catering. I suggest we not scapegoat Airbnb. Airbnb is just the spearhead making evolutionary tourism trends easier. Laws may delay but never stop evolution.

Note: I am not trying to say Airbnb is the model child. They have issues. But I think we should not generalise by putting all issues at the Airbnb door.

Okay, let me get back to the topic at hand.

The Western Province Government is doing amazing work to ensure we recover from Covid’s devastating effects.

Their focus is on employment, tourism and ensuring the WC is the first SA province to have no load-shedding, but don’t use this to justify not investing R7000 in an inverter.

Right at the bottom is a movie on how the sharing economy should work. Check out Pad Man.

If you travel to Cape Town do you prefer hotels, guest houses or self-catering homes away from staff etc?

Do you prefer pod travelling, travelling as a digital nomad working as you travel, having your own stand-alone accommodation? Or do you still prefer hotels and guesthouses for these activities? 

Get the details below. Pick and choose what interests you.


ALAN WINDE: Cape uses innovation to tackle two crises, and small wins are already evident — 

It is the government’s role to create a fertile environment in which the private sector thrives and job creation can grow

Western Cape wants to be the first province to ditch load shedding as it moves away from Eskom — 

As part of the Western Cape’s promise to eliminate load shedding, the provincial government says it has assisted 24 local municipalities and the City of Cape…

The Mother City has a plan to bring back the crowds, and their hard currencies, says Enver Duminy of Cape Town Tourism.

Western Cape wants South Africa to introduce a new ‘remote working’ visa 

Western Cape premier Alan Winde presented his state of the province address (Sopa) on Thursday (17 February), detailing the projects that the province is…

Airbnb: Short Term Rental Trends

How Airbnb and Travelers are Redefining Travel in

From taking life to the road to consciously and safely reconnecting with the places and people that matter most, Airbnb and travellers predict what travel will look like in 2021.

Top travel trends we’re tracking

Guests are staying closer to home, and according to our data, they’re more likely to book stays outside of major cities right now. We’re also noticing much more popularity among spaces like cabins and cottages this year in comparison to last year, which reflects this trend. We’ve identified four major travel trends on Airbnb, which you can use to adapt your hosting strategy:

Airbnb Regulations Etc

Viewpoint: Airbnb is here to stay. The law needs to catch up. 

Over the summer and throughout the pandemic, New York state hosted a soaring number of…

The Sharing Economy Can Empower Many


Pad Man (film) —

What I want you to look at is how he used his invention to empower many people (women) instead of just focusing on himself and his need for more MONEY!

Pad Man is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed and written by R. Balki. Inspired by the life of social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social entrepreneur.

This movie is on Netflix. It’s very entertaining.

That’s it for today? What’s your opinion? What topics would you like me to cover? Let me know before I share more UnHassle Airbnb news in two weeks.

Have Fun

Johan an Experience Creator at Agency.CapeHolidays in Simonstown Cape Town.


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