When Do Airbnb Instant Bookings

When Do Airbnb Instant Bookings? Why Not Do Instant Book? How To Set Instant Book To Win & Reduce Risks

When Do Airbnb Instant Bookings? Why Not Do Instant Book? How To Set Instant Book To Win & Reduce Risks

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Hi Johan here. Welcome. Thanks. Knowing you are taking time to watch is really encouraging.  Our Cape Town SuperHost team of memory creators Unhassle AIRBNB Management and Unlock Value For Absent Owners and Hosts like you.  
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Video Script Follows:

Are you looking to maximise your Airbnb income? If yes then use Airbnb instant bookings.
Today, we will discuss why you should do instant bookings, then who should not do it, then the 4 critical settings and then, finally, cancellations.
Next week we look at our inability to get out of the pay-for-attention downward spiral. Our dependency on Airbnb Booking. Com and how to fix it.
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Online sales are emotional. We all want instant satisfaction. We must do this deal. Now.
Airbnb knows this psychological fact.
It’s called; we want things and we want it now. Instant gratification.
It gives us pleasure.
Because of this Airbnb promotes instant bookings and these hosts are ranked higher.
Not only will you get more bookings, but you could also become a Superhost sooner.
Why not do instant bookings?
Many people, not well informed, may tell you it’s risky. Saying you cannot vet the guests. Etc.
If you are not meticulous in keeping your calendar updated and other settings as discussed below, then instant bookings can burn you.
Therefore, if Airbnb is a sideline and you hope for the best then don’t do it.
The risk, I believe, is very small compared to the benefits.
How to set instant booking to ensure peace of mind.
The following is critical.
You set your guest stay rules, who qualifies, update your calendar, minimum max stay as well as setting advanced notice. And then say yes to instant bookings.
Airbnb GUEST Stay Rules. Ensuring that you have a proper list of rules. As all instant booking guests agree to these.
Who qualifies? 
Airbnb allows you to set it up so that guests must have a Government Id, and have had positive reviews from previous hosts. This stops the risky guests. Others can still enquire but cannot instantly book.
How To Set Airbnb Advanced Notification setting?
Last-minute bookings can be a problem. If you can, rather set the Airbnb advanced notification to one day.
Advanced notification of one day means I have at least one day to prepare for a guest. Depending on your situation you should set it to make life easier.
Tip. Last-minute same day bookings are not for faint-hearted.
If you have lots of last-minute people give yourself enough hours to handle a surprise booking.
Airbnb Ask questions. Airbnb gives you a preset message area.
When someone instant books this message is shown to the guest and they must answer you.
Ask guests to explain their group setup, the reason for travelling etc.
4) Cancellations. As an instant book host, you can cancel penalty-free.
If you don’t feel comfortable when guests don’t communicate well or vaguely etc.
Cancel. See the link below for details.
Do you want more bookings? Get more reviews? Have a look here.
Instant bookings may not only bring you more bookings, but it also reduces a lot of time if done correctly. But it’s not for everyone.
How do you feel about instant bookings?
Ps. People buy for emotional reasons. Make it easy by giving them instant booking.
Johan Horak

The above video addresses:

  • Why Should Airbnb instant book? Because if you do the Airbnb setting, as above, correct it will make you more successful.
  • What are the dangers of Airbnb instant book? There is a danger only when you don’t run a professional setup; you don’t update your calendar and you don’t set it as above.
  • Should I Turn On Airbnb Instant Book? Yes. If you are a professional Airbnb host.
  • Why you should use Airbnb instant book? Because it brings more business and less work.
  • Should I turn on Airbnb instant book? Yes. For all the above positive reasons.
  • What are the dangers of using Airbnb instant book? Guests can book last minute or future date you forgot to block or set correct rates. Those who fail with instant book can blame themselves.
  • When should Airbnb hosts use instant book? When you are doing it right.
  • What is instant book on Airbnb? Instant book means, if you set it correctly, guests can book when they are hot to pay without waiting to talk to you.  See what Airbnb says.
  • Can you instant book penalty-free cancellation? Yes. Have a look here at the Airbnb policy.
  • How do I control who can book using instant book? See this.
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