Risks Of New Guests To Airbnb

AIRBNB Hosts: Rookie Guests Can Be Bad! But Set The Expectation And Ask!

Airbnb Host Be Warned! Risks Of New Guests To Airbnb Are Mostly “FOOLS” But It Does Not Fix the Issue

It can be a rough ride hosting a guest new to Airbnb, some have twisted expectations, don’t understand the common niceties.

And will easily give you a bad review. Let’s educate them.


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Next week we look at why you should do Airbnb instant bookings.

When guest books with zero previous reviews; be aware.

Most of them have no clue what to expect; is it a hotel,

  • will I get breakfast,
  • where is my gown,
  • why is there not someone at the door 24/7?

If you don’t go out of your way to address their expectations early on you may have an issue you could have prevented.

I suggest you do the following:

Ask them pre-arrival, and wherever possible, to give you a 5-star review when they leave. See my video on how to ask here.

Tell them what you expect; a neat and tidy home when they leave, beds stripped, respect the neighbours, take out the dustbin etc.

Never forget! Tell them to inform you immediately when they have any issue. Tell them not to wait for the review to tell you. Then it’s too late.

Just this week we had a new Simonstown Airbnb guest with no previous bookings. With COVID19 we give remote access.

She arranged a business meeting – informed us about it – but the meeting turned into a party.

We had to ask them to respect the neighbours and local regulations.

We gave her a critical but fair public review and gave her advice in the private area.

In exchange for a 5 star home, she gave us a 4 star overall because she could not work the dishwasher.

By not meeting her she may not have been aware of the manual.

It’s easy to blame the guest for being a fool but look at our procedural changes:

COVID made us stop selling our experiences in person (social distancing). Guests don’t get the local authentic feel.

There is no obligation from the guest to reward her host for the great treatment.

This is why you must do everything possible to provide an experience, a welcoming, setting expectations and asking for 5-star reviews.

Even on the phone while under COVID19.

Again. Be careful with new Airbnb guests.

Next week we will look at why you should use Instant Booking while limiting new and poor guests.

Have fun

P.S. The More They Care About You The More 5 Star Reviews Will You Get.

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