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How To Set Airbnb Minimum Length Of Stay To Your Ultimate Advantage

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How To Set Airbnb Minimum Length Of Stay



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Hi Johan here. Welcome. Thanks. Knowing you are taking time to watch is really encouraging.  Our Cape Town SuperHost team of memory creators Unhassle AIRBNB Management and Unlock Value For Absent Owners and Hosts like you.  

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Video Script Follows: 

I have a few questions for you today.

Do you want to be busy or do you want to make money?

Do you want to give away high demand periods for short stays?

Do you want to attract the party crowds with short stays?

Protect your pudding.

Next week we see how not to ever respond to guests reviews. Even if they are wrong.

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In the end, I’ll share our specific minimum length of stay (mlos) for seasons and other settings to override the general mlos.


If you want to make money rather than being busy you must find the best- and set the possible minimum length of stay up in Airbnb.

Do you want to set it differently for different seasons? Yes. More later.

If you want to be busy; set 1-day minimums.

It will not only increase your activities it will increase your change over costs.

The only good thing about very short stays is it will give you many reviews quickly.

And I have spoken about that advantage here.

Let’s consider a two-day minimum stay.

Yes. You’ll get many reviews. But what is the ideal two-day stay period?

Weekends obviously.

But you have seen how discounted longer stays bring you money.


Many reviews quickly are great but who wants weekends booked far in advance.

Two days are killing the opportunity for long stays. No.

It’s like your guests eat your pudding before they have to eat your beans. No.

BTW. I eat beans only when I must survive. And there is no other option.

What about long weekends?

Or in our case the very high demand period over Christmas and New years?

We can get 250% of our competitive rate over peak 20 December to 5 January.

What happens when some opportunistic guest book two days over New Year’s?

You basically allowed them to steal the crown jewels. No.

Who wants a two-day minimum stay over a 4-day long weekend? Only the oblivious.

You have to set your minimum lengths of stay according to your seasons.

Short during winter but watch out for the weekend party crowd, longer over summer and long weekends.

And much longer over peak.

You should use a fair change-over fee. This fee makes short stays more expensive.

And the longer they stay the less the impact becomes of the single fee.

You should also use discounts to manipulate the combined effects of minimum-length-of-stay and changeover fee.

If you need a video to explain it let me know in the comments.

How We Set Airbnb Minimum Length Of Stay

Visit the link below. It’s free for subscribers of this channel.

Tip. Set seasonal minimum length of stays today.

Airbnb calls it trip length.

Set One for winter, one for summer, and one for your peak. Do it under Availability.

Click on Trip Lenght.

Set your absolute minimum under Minimum stay.

If your winter is 3 nights set this at 3.

But now override it for other seasonal etc.

Click on add a custom rule.

In the drop-down select Specific dates.

Now choose custom periods and set your seasonal minimum stays.

That’s enough.

Have fun

Johan Horak

P.S. Don’t sit with a plate of beans because did not set a premium for pudding.

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