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How To Review Airbnb Guests: Airbnb Host Reviews Of Quests – Example

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How to Review Airbnb Guest Examples of Airbnb host reviews of quests.


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This is the basic script for the video follows:

The good, bad and angry guests. Reviews can be tricky with bad or angry guests.

And some hosts do a poor job that can affect your ability to decide on future guests.

Let’s see how best to review guests.

Next week we look at why new-to-Airbnb guests are high risk?

Let’s look at why you should review

and then look at how to review good, bad and

lastly a tip on what to do with angry guests.

The Why?

It’s all about paying it forward.

If a previous host does not review or gives a wishy-washy review you cannot judge if the guest is worth hosting.

Hosts are dependent on each other to weed out bad guests.

Therefore it is important to review all guests to help other hosts.

We have seen hosts giving a guest 3.5 stars and saying the guest was okay.

This is useless as it does not give you any information on why the score was only 3.5 –

did they leave the property in a bad state, did they break the house rules did they damage something?

You are not only reviewing the guest you are assisting future Hosts. And they will return the favour.

The how?

Airbnb gives you two review areas; private and public.

Then you have two kinds of guests; experienced or rookies.

And they are either excellent, bad or angry.

I experienced-, zero reviews-guests are a risk.

You must set your expectations clearly when they arrive.

BTW. Ask all guests for a 5 Star review. See here.

Review time.

You are not trying to tell others what fun the guest had. No.

You are telling other hosts how good, bad or angry the guests were.

Always think about the host that will be reading the review and how your words can help them.

Public reviews.

Start by saying if you recommend the guest or not.

Then be honest and fair and objective. Even if it is not positive.

But if in doubt about being very critical don’t say it in public.

Private feedback is ideal to educate guests. Let’s say a new guest made a mistake.

Tell them about the mistake. How to fix it.

And say that this behaviour may not be overlooked by future hosts.

Good guests are easy. Boast about the things they did to get 5 stars.

Bad guests. Do not be vindictive it will bounce back.

Be honest and only state the facts. Most bad guests don’t deserve to be on Airbnb.

Give them low scores and share the truth. Only the truth, do not be emotional.

Angry guests.

Sometimes things happen out of your control and although you try to solve the problem some guest will not understand.

If you cannot make them happy and you expect a bad review try this trick- don’t review them.

Often they will not write a review either.

Not easy.

But if you get a notification that they reviewed you then immediately review them too.

Again be nice and fair but tell the truth. If their review is not fair according to Airbnb rules it may be removed.

Next week we discuss how to handle risky rooky guests.

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