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Easy: How To Get More Airbnb Bookings 6 Critical Steps

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6 Steps On How To Get More Airbnb Bookings 

How To Get More Airbnb Bookings

Even during this Covid-19 Coronavirus scare can we plan for how more Airbnb bookings when things return to the new normal. 

Why can we not relaunch our Airbnbs with a bang AND get more bookings? 

Let’s reconsider our foundation; the critical basic drivers you should have in place for an Airbnb relaunch.

You know, We all think hosting on Airbnb is simple.

 It is simple. Yes. But even under normal circumstances is it not all that easy to succeed. No. 

I watched a YouTube video by Sean from Airbnb Automated. Cool Airbnb coach. Check him out. 

He said the average Airbnb occupancy worldwide runs at 11%. That’s bad.

The research I read said it’s 17%. Still next to useless. So even in good times, 90% of all hosts leave money on the table. 


Ordinary Joe may complain saying, there are too many competitors, or Airbnb is too powerful, or my occupancy is too low, the risks are high, bad guests, etc. 

Blaming the uncontrollable is not an escape. 

I prefer to take responsibility. 

I am in control of how I look at stuff this world throws at me. 

I hope you share this uncompromising view. 

Together, let’s consider six basic building blocks to relaunch for Airbnb success. 

I am not suggesting I have the magic formula. But I know they worked for us from 2009, while managing up to 50 Remarkable Airbnbs in Cape Town. 

Our goal should be to increase Airbnb occupancy.

Why not double your current occupancy?

Obviously, if you are running at 80% higher I’ll probably waste your time. 


In the end, I will share a free and hopefully valuable resource.

And finally a quote from Charlie Chaplin, which inspires me during this madness. 

How about a true short wild African story? Imagine two guys walking…

Hearing a lion roars the one stopped to put on his Nikes. 

His friend asked, why now? And he said when the lion chases I must just be a little faster you. 

Yes. To succeed in this Airbnb game you only need to do what you do, a little better than the rest, who are ignorant or even arrogant. 

And that is not you. 

Let’s get those Nikes on and go. 


Let’s unpack these 6 Airbnb foundational building blocks on how to get more Airbnb bookings.


Focus on Trust. Trust translates to Airbnb success. 

Those who Ignore trust, I am sorry to say, will fail, if not they may just plod along. 

But how to establish trust? It takes patience and focus. 

In future videos, I’ll try and show why we must design a procedure to encourage 5-star reviews. The when, where, what and how?

And how to ask every guest to give you a 5 Star review. In life, you only get what you expect. Well, most of the time. 

You know many guests are not familiar with Airbnb review scoring. 

I am sure you had guests giving you 5s for everything but overall 4. In the future, I’ll share sample scripts you can adapt to ask. If it interests you. 

Initially when you launch you pay the price for a lack of trust. 

And your story, your description, your photos are relatively irrelevant to potential guests if you have a zero or few reviews. 

Trust-building is not limited to getting reviews. No. One critical aspect is how you react to guest’s reviews on their stay with you. 

And we will look at how it should be done. 


Many owners jump into Airbnb without being aware of the risks. Liabilities, accidents, Airbnb cancellation policies.

We will discuss the risks and how and why to do a foolproof audit. 

Fools tend to break anything that can be broken but that should not necessarily be broken. 


One of the major causes of host failure is focusing on rates as the measure of success.

I get owners saying to me ignorantly, I stay in fancy hotels, and paid a lot. My home is so much nicer. I want high rates. Mistake. Very costly.

I’ll try and show you, as we progress, that rates are only the effect of your efforts to create trust. Create trust, have patience, and lots of it. 

I suggest you rather look at occupancy levels. And Only use occupancy to adjust rates. 

Unfortunately, many hosts brag with high rates but have nothing to bank. 

Focusing on trust, and creating wow memories will eventually not only increase demand but will snowball. Snowball into high occupancy. 

Obviously, if you don’t want high occupancy then you should try a different strategy. 

The following may seem obvious. But let me say it. 

Hosts should understand the difference between selling a bed, and selling a roof, to instead only selling an adventure creating memorable stays.

Let me repeat. You sell memories. 

Are they just okay or excellent memories? 

Show me your reviews and I’ll know if you sell happy memories. 

Yes. This clan wears their nikes. Just a little better every day. 

I’ll unpack this for you in no uncertain terms. We are never happy to be just okay. 

If we are not trying to be Remarkable why waste the time? 


 As you know Airbnb makes it easy to list. But critical stuff is often hidden and others are never obvious. 

Let’s learn together on how to do it well. 

Together. Yes. I can and want to learn from you. 


 As an Airbnb Host, you cannot continue to give away a chunk of your income all the time.

You must find ways to get your previous guests’ contact info to continue cultivating long term relationships. And you already have it on say Whatsapp. 

Previous guests should or could book directly with you. And it’s simple to do and relatively easily.

 Email newsletters. You can but why waste your time with no one reading email newsletters?

Can you tell me a situation when returning guests should rather not book directly with you? Let me know in the comments. 

The gifts for today. 

I will do a free critique of your Airbnb

Leave a comment below with your Airbnb link and I’ll choose two. 



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And share your experiences, interests, and questions in the comments area. 

Let’s sell wow memories, turning into 5 Star reviews. Creating our foundation of Trust. 

It sells. What else? 

Have fun. Be good. See you soon. Johan Horak.

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Oh. No. I forgot about a little inspiration. It’ll be quick. 

Charlie Chaplin said,

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot”.

Let this clan put on their nikes and remember the long shot. From very far away looking down we may all be just clowning around. 

Be good. See you soon. In the meantime share with me your plans on how to get more Airbnb bookings in the comments.

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