Cape Town Airbnb Host Tips: Ask For 5 Star Reviews Strategy

Cape Town Airbnb Host Tips: Why You SHOULD Ask For 5 Star Reviews As An Airbnb Business Success Strategy

Cape Town Airbnb Host Tips

Why You SHOULD Ask For 5 Star Reviews As An Airbnb Business Success Strategy

Show me your reviews, and I’ll know if you are an Airbnb success. 

Today is all about asking for and getting 5 Star reviews. But before you start reading the so-called Airbnb hosting tips on how to get more reviews you must be an Airbnb expert on all the supporting articles in the Airbnb Tutorial series. You can read them here  

  1. How to ask your guests for 5 Stars. Scripts you can use and adapt.
  2. Why unresolved issues backfire. 
  3. Don’t hope! Use these situations to ASK. 


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Cape Town Airbnb Host Tips

Cape Town Airbnb Management Agency
Hi Johan here. Welcome. Thanks. Knowing you are taking time to watch is really encouraging.  Our Cape Town SuperHost team of memory creators Unhassle AIRBNB Management and Unlock Value For Absent Owners and Hosts like you.  
Y ou have read the previous Airbnb Host tutorial articles (here) in the series?

Let’s focus.

Today we look at how to ensure no possible review slips through the cracks. We CANNOT allow it to happen. 

You must expect 5 Star reviews from each of your guests.

As we say in South AFRICA, Finish en KLAAR, when this is the only option. 

Why the heck not? 

One problem is that many guests are not familiar with the Airbnb Review scoring system. 

The other issue is that some don’t understand how crucial guest reviews are to your success. 

New Airbnb guests may give you 5s for all sub-criteria like location and cleanliness, but 4 as an overall. It’s odd.

Airbnb will use this lousy 4 to calculate your average score. 

And we cannot allow that to happen. 

Firstly, we need guests to write a review and secondly, we need them to GIVE A 5 ? .


We ask! It’s not easy. But we slip it in. Often and at opportune moments. 

Firstly, your check-in instructions remind them that they will be getting a 5 Star experience.

Then when they arrive, remind them again.

Let’s assume most guests arrive happily. Sour guests are few and far between and need a different approach.

So be streetwise. And plant your 5 Star seeds at the right times. 

Guests are eager to get their key access info. Opportunity. 

Prepare your guests for arrival and slip 5 Star in where you can. You don’t always have to ask but remind them. 

For example, “I am eagerly awaiting your arrival. And have prepared the 5 Star home for you”. 

When guests depart you must ask them to review you. Say something like, “now it’s over to you. I gave you a 5 Star home. My success depends on your 5 Star review. Please review me. Thank you”. 

A day or two after departure thank them for being great guests – if they were – and remind them again. 

More examples: 

When a guest says, “What a lovely place! Wow!” etc.

Trigger. She said Wow or similar. You are getting positive feedback. You are exceeding guest expectations

You continue, 

“Thanks it is a beautiful place. We have prepared a 5 star remarkable stay for you, where we expect you to have fun! 

A related issue is when things go wrong and guests don’t tell you. They may surprise you with a negative review

Always tell them…… 

Firstly we know things can go wrong. Please let me know right away so I can get it fixed immediately. We are here to ensure your happiness.

My success depends on you having a remarkable time, and we don’t want unattended issues, making you unhappy.

It’s my intention to give you a 5 Star home. Yes. We are very proud of it.

And your happiness can translate into a 5-star review. 

Cool. Smiley face. ☺ 

You have done it. 

Cape Town Airbnb Host Tips not to ignore…. 

  • Write and plan your scripts to request and plant the 5 Star expectations. 
  • Never let an unresolved issue backfire. Ensure guests report issues immediately. 
  • Stop hoping for reviews. Ask. And measure your success. 

Together, let’s Un-hassle Airbnb and create remarkable memories.

Remember, I need feedback. Your vote counts. Subscribe to this Clan, hit the bell, and like the Video. That is my only expectation. It’s in your hands. ? 

You can also watch previous videos here. Next week we will start looking at competitive rates and critiquing homes. 

Be good.

Have fun 

Johan Horak Agency.CapeHolidays.Info from Beautiful Cape Town.  


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