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Why Airbnb SuperHosts’ Knighthoods Are Critical For Host & Guest? Above & Beyond Excellence

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Why Airbnb SuperHosts’ Knighthoods Are Critical For Host & Guest? Above & Beyond

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Let’s discuss Airbnb’s Superhosts today.

And why you should take note of this status. Not only will this make you more money if you are one, but as a guest, you’ll get more than what you expect. And it’s based on one ingredient…

All of us love accolades. We have all seen movies where the king touches a person’s shoulders with a sword at the bestowing of a knighthood.

The ego thrives on recognition. And it’s true. Even in the business world, such rewards are also meaningful. 


I am watching the Last Kingdom at the moment. And the bestowed talk about us mere mortals as common folk. Well, common folk trust these knights. 

It’s all about trust and that approval when the knight passes by. 

In business, there is no official knighthood; you can con people into buying or you can create trust. Let’s now look at Airbnb’s…

Knighthood Is Earned By Hosts

Qualifying, obviously, is not an award bestowed by a mortal king. No. It’s not biased in any way. It depends on hard facts and is an earned “right”. 


You, the host, exchange a living space, and a unique stay for the guest’s money. But why would a guest depart with their money if they cannot trust the host?

Why Does Airbnb Bestow Hosts With This Status? 

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In short; it is a badge of honour; earned trust. And Airbnb knows that trust sells. Even Seth Godin preached it by saying;

Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.

Now guests have a choice. They choose between the knighted Superhost or the unanointed host.

  1. If you have a choice between these two hosts where will you stay? 
  2. If you were a host would you rather just be an ordinary (Airbnb) mortal or a Super one?
  3. If you were an owner would you prefer that your home be managed by a “knighted” host or just another Airbnb host?

I am sure you get the idea. I am sure I know what you will choose.

SuperHost FAQs

What Does a Superhost Mean?

These hosts go above and beyond what is expected of them in their hosting role. An easy way to identify one is to look at a badge on their listing or profile.  

You’re an incredibly welcoming and fantastic host, or if you can create an exceptional Airbnb Experience. (Read more).

How Does A Host Qualify?

Let’s answer how someone becomes a Superhost?

It’s earned! In order to qualify, a host must receive good reviews, be responsive, and avoid cancellations wherever possible.

Guest Rates Host 4.8+ For Exceptional Service

The average rating on Airbnb is 4.8 or higher, as rated by their guests. They know they can expect exceptional hospitality from these hosts.

Hosted 10+ Stays Guarantees Experience

In the past year, these hosts completed at least 10 stays or 100 nights across at least 3 stays. Therefore, guests can feel confident staying with an experienced host.

Less Than 1% Cancellation By Hosts Earns Guests Trust

They cancel less than 1% of the time, not including extenuating circumstances. If less than 100 reservations are made in a year, there are no cancellations. Few cancellations provide guests with peace of mind.

How Do Hosts Keep The Superhosts Status?

This status is checked four times a year by Airbnb to ensure their performance is still correct. More about maintaining the status.

Hosts Have A 90% Response Rate

Ninety per cent of new messages are answered within 24 hours by Superhosts. Guests know they can message you for quick answers to questions.

How Does Knighted CapeHolidays Compare To These Criteria?

airbnb superhost capeholidays capetown

In early January Airbnb reviewed us again. Yes. Again. This is no small achievement as we have been for years. And here are your Cape Town Superhost stats:

I am sure that if you were a guest or an owner looking for a Cape Town Airbnb agency you will seriously consider working with such a host as above. Let me share with you a few pointers:

  1. The above award applies to 35 homes we manage in and around Cape Town.
  2. If we fail at one house with one guest all could be in vain. 
  3. If any owner uses our management services as part of our portfolio they are immediately seen by guests as a Superhost. Even if this new house has no reviews.
  4. When owners see the above they know their home is in trusted hands.
  5. Any guest who cannot get to stay with us will and does consider staying in another of our homes because of our umbrella of trust.



superhosts airbnb capeholidays awards

How Much More Do Airbnb Superhosts Make?

airbnb superhosts make twice as much

Superhosts make twice as much as regular hosts.

According to a LearnAirbnb study (get yours here), using 6 million bookings, they established this stat. Below is a snapshot from their study.

Intuitively we would expect these hosts to make more. But very few will tell you it’s twice as much. This shows you that trust should be the focus of any good host. And any owner looking for a Cape Town short term Airbnb rental agency needs to check their agency’s hosting status. 

Note: You may think Superhosts have more listings than the regular host. No. From the study the following:

Superhosts on average do not own more listings than regular hosts. 

Why Do Superhost Earn More Than Regular Airbnb Hosts

  1. Superhosts, having essentially the same number of listings as regular hosts, may be far more skilful at hosting and are thus rewarded by the guests with more bookings with much higher occupancy rates.
  2. They make 12% of the total bookings revenue with 7% of the listings. Very few are Superhosts listings but their income is higher per listing than regular hosts.
  3. When we compare the average total booking revenue per listing of “knighted” hosts to normal hosts, we see that overall, 45% of the performance difference is due to skill rather than the number of listings.
  4. Higher rated listings earn more. (Superhosts are rated 4.8 or higher). ​​As the rating of a listing goes up, so does its overall rental revenue. (More social proof of trust the higher the income).
  5. In markets that appear to be traditionally vacation destinations [..], you will see a lower percentage of booking revenue from one and two-unit hosts. (This has to do with social proof. If we have 35 listings and we add a new listing this listing is immediately a Superhost and Airbnb shows the potential guest all reviews for our other properties).

LearnAirbnb Study (Ref)

More General Frequently Asked Questions

Are Superhost safe?

Are airbnb superhosts safeYes. If there are any safety concerns, Superhosts are on the same level as anyone listing their property on Airbnb. Guests have an advantage with Superhosts since they have earned recognition, are experienced, and have proven trustworthiness.

 How do you lose your Superhost?

You lose your status if you don’t meet the requirements during the Airbnb quarterly assessment. You are no longer eligible for any benefits. If you recover from the criteria during the next quarterly review you can gain it back.

Will I lose Superhost if I cancel?

If they cancel less than 1% of the time, not including extenuating circumstances he will not lose their status. If the host has less than 100 reservations during the previous year, and one cancellation is made he will lose Superhost. 

How many Airbnb hosts are Superhosts

Between 12% and 19% of all Airbnb hosts are. The LearnAirbnb study, done a few years ago mentioned 12%. Hospitable.com mentions 19.4%. 

Can you trust Airbnb Superhost?

It’s all about trust. The criteria Airbnb uses to establish Superhosts is based on social proof; guest ratings, low incidence of cancellation, high responsiveness and experience.

What are the perks of being a Superhost on Airbnb?

  1. Profile badge: Featured throughout the site as a trusted symbol of hospitality.
  2. Dedicated support: Get access to highly trained staff that quickly resolves issues.
  3. Search filter: Guests can narrow their search results to find these hosts with a dedicated search filter.
  4. Earn extra money: As social proof accumulates these hosts can earn twice as much as regular hosts.

Choose Your Hosts Wisely.

You have the insights to make a better choice; the internet provides you with social proof. If hosts are good they get knighted. And those hosts, and guests who prefer SuperHost get rewarded.

 Airbnb makes it easy to find the best host; with less risk to the guest and a much better chance of success if an owner chooses a Superhost Airbnb Agency.

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