Discover Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency’s No 1 Home Owner’s Persona

Discover Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency’s Ideal Home Owner’s Persona 




CapeHolidays, a Cape Town Airbnb Property Management agency, has a story to tell. We wanted to share the ideal owner’s persona with you. This will assist you in deciding on your Cape Town Airbnb letting agency.

Today you’ll meet with Cape Town homeowner Unhassle-Danny, his neighbour Angry Adam, his daughter Uta-Uppity.

To get this started I have asked Danny to introduce himself.

Hi Cape Town Friends

My name is Unhassle-Danny. Johan asked to tell you about myself. It’s going to be fun. I will then ask Johan a few tough questions about managing my Cape Town Airbnb holiday home. Let’s see if he has what it takes.

Why is my name Unhassle Danny?

I like efficiency. I prefer to get a team to help me unhassle my life. And others to manage my holiday home. My search started for a Cape Town Airbnb property management agency. 

I don’t tell anyone about my age. But I look 40, my wife knows I am 60. I have a beautiful home in Cape Town. Our friends say it’s WOW! every time they visit. My wife and I are proud of our gem. And a little concerned about renting it out to the world. 

On the other hand,

We are not using our home a lot. We travel often. Or we stay in Plett. The house is mostly empty. This may attract the attention we don’t need. As you know. 

Sometimes we return to Cape Town and I want to use it for short periods every year.

We want guests to enjoy it while we earn money. It’s furnished with all the bells and whistles. In a very nice suburb next to the mountain. And the ocean? Just there! 

Cape Town is a tourist destination and I want to tap into the short term rental market. I have been researching on the Internet for a year now on the right way to go about it.

I am frustrated. After extensive research, I came up with a solution.

As an Airbnb Host, it will allow me to get the return on investment I expect. But all the hassles of managing guests, doing marketing and maintaining the home. No. I have no time for that. I need a Cape Town Airbnb property management agency!

There is a niche in this market. But is it saturated? 

Today I am looking for a trustworthy company to manage Airbnb for me so I can leave the management while my home is generating income. I want my home to be taken care of.

That someone could be an Airbnb Agency like CapeHolidays. A good one with a proven track record.

A Quick Read Of Danny’s Needs

Danny wants from his Cape Town Airbnb property management agency;

  1. to generate a good income from his holiday home – return on investment
  2. no hassles of short-term rental management and guest liaison and knows guests will love his lovely home and would like guests to experience it while they’re gone.
  3. an agency with a proven track record that can provide short term rental management services. 
  4. to travel for leisure and business
  5. to leave and not worry about the state of his home. In other words; his home must be maintained or improved at all times.
  6. to use his home intermittently
  7. a trusting relationship with his short term rental agency

But we all know. It’s not just sun and roses. Danny has some problems and challenges. 

What Are Danny’s Concerns Before He Selects A Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency?

I want to know what makes a Cape Town short term letting agency trustworthy?

Answer: An agency may be trustworthy (what our owner say about us) with a track record (read what our guests have to say about our offering). The company should provide quality customer service so that owners and guests are satisfied. The company also needs to provide reliable and prompt services.

What about allowing unknown self catering guests into my beautiful home? How do I know they will not party and trash my home?

Answer: A good Cape Town Airbnb property management agency must qualify and pre-screen guests. A proven agency has a good screening process to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Airbnb, for example, shows you the reviews on guests by previous hosts. This way your self catering agency can screen out undesirable guests. Below, you”ll read more about the NO Party Policy. 

– I read about Airbnb “Instant Booking” where guests can reserve “without pre-screening”? I don’t want that!


Airbnb has an instant booking feature that ensures that the people who are trying to book on your listing will be screened. Automatically. This is based on the Psychological trick of an impulse to purchase. 

Guests who want to book instantly, need to provide their personal information; when you select the “Instant Book” option. 

Secondly, you can choose an option to only allow guests to instant book with previous, positive reviews. 

Thirdly, Airbnb allows you to cancel an instant booking

This means that there is a screening process for guests before they can stay with you. This gives both you and your agency peace of mind, knowing that there is someone reliable staying at your Airbnb space.

– You’re worried that your guests might be too loud and make a lot of noise.

Answer: As hosts, the Cape Town Airbnb property management agency must make sure that the guests are having a great time. As it buys trust. But it’s always frustrating, and non-negotiable when guests are inconsiderate and break house rules.

The risk of rowdy guests exists. But it’s very low. It’s critical to ensure the host is firm in explaining the house rules and expected quiet times. 

How should your Cape Town Airbnb property management agency prevent parties at your Airbnb? 

We also suggest close liaison with neighbours, asking them to inform the host immediately of excessive noise by guests. In extreme cases, hardware can be added to the home to monitor and notify the host of noise. In cases of continuous noise, guests can be asked to leave the home immediately. Read the anti-Airbnb party policy. The onus also rests on the host to ensure a home is not attracting the party crowd.

– Airbnb Host Liability: What if someone gets hurt on my property while they are there for a short period of time?

Airbnb has primary liability insurance of $1,000,000 USD 
in the rare event someone gets hurt or their property is damaged during a covered stay at your place, you may be protected. 
But this is not good enough. 

Any good agency needs to inform the owner of dedicated liability and specific domestic home cover when the home is used as a short term rental. 

– Will we make any fair money as a self catering home in Cape Town?


Yes. You can make good money because Cape Town is a very popular tourist area. Even with the influx of Airbnb homes on the platform, there are not enough homes to accommodate all the tourists over peak Cape Town holidays.

But, let’s narrow it down more;

  1. there are not enough WOW homes to accommodate discerning tourists.
  2. And not enough professional Airbnb hosts (starting with SuperHosts)
  3. Remarkable homes are homes with many guest reviews hosted by Airbnb SuperHosts.

Luckily most Airbnb hosts are average Joe’s doing poorly to okay. They may even be SuperHosts but their occupancy is low. The reason; hosts think they make money by setting high rates. You don’t. You make money by creating momentum due to trust which increases occupancy.

And then the supply-demand principle starts working in our favour.

As the demand, due to many reviews, increases rates go higher while occupancy increases. And when demand lowers rates reduce. But what happens with Average Joe? He tends to set a high rate: He does not get reviews or very slowly. He does not make really make money. This means Airbnb does not make money out of him. And Airbnb does not like that. He gets dumped to the bottom of the pile. Agent CapeHolidays

It’s the Pareto Principle; 20% of Airbnb hosts earn 80% of the money?

Or the bad news; 80% of hosts earn only 20% of all the income. Just read about Pareto to see what I mean. This is good news. But you either need to be good or choose a great Cape Town Airbnb property management agency.

– Making more money will just increase my tax

Yes. Money is taxed. At least for us honest people. If the money you make with your holiday rental puts you into a higher tax bracket it can be painful. You need to weigh up the extra tax vs having a home where you don’t need to maintain it. You can re-invest the money in your home.  And your home is never really left unoccupied.

– Airbnb hosting is risky because of unexpected cancellations.  

Yes. Airbnb hosting income is as unpredictable as any other kind of business. But a good understanding of the marketplace can reduce the risk. Obviously not eliminating it. It’s important to check with your insurance company to reduce the impact of cancellations. 

Now that we have looked at the Ideal Danny from Danny’s perspective, let’s see what type of persona is ideal to work with an agency?

Why Our Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency LOVE Unhassle-Danny?

The name “Unhassle Danny” is such a good start. Don’t you get the idea Danny is a team man? He likes to delegate. He is not the kind of guy who would go to the dentists and tell him how to crown his teeth. No. 

Danny trusts his chef, his dentist, and his self catering agent to get the job done. Obviously, Danny is successful. And what do these kinds of entrepreneurs expect?

Danny expects results. He is the guy that will go to the dentist, grab him where it’s sensitive and say,

“Doc we are not going to harm each other today! Are we?”

You see, Danny has a sense of humour as well. Taking life too seriously is not fun. This allows Danny to allow his team to be creative, even make mistakes. As long as they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Unhassle Danny may be conscious of his age, his receding hairline, but he is open to criticism. He is that guy that can laugh at himself.

You know that guests, agents, medical guys can be insensitive to the “patient’s” emotional values. 

Let me change gears:

A Mistake By Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency

I remember homeowner Angry Adam (We called him AA for short).

He was a made man. He knew it. And we were told that. MD, and whatnot. AA was a hands-on man. “Both hands” kind of guy, like in ambidextrous. Friendly. With a tight smile. He crosses the ts and dots the is.  

It became clear he may be a reluctant delegator. An Airbnb agency was a necessary nuisance. He had no choice. He was in Johannesburg and his home in Cape Town. 

One day AA’s grown daughters and friends stayed a few days. Fancy. UtaUppity.

 We followed.

But you have to choose your partners well. Did we?

Oh my! AA’s colours turned to danger. 

The daughter, UtaUppity and friends, after 3 days, left the house in a proper mess. I’ll not bore you with the details. You would not even leave such a mess to your worst “mother-in-law” – I love mine BTW. Lucky me.  

If a guest left a home in such a mess they would get 1 star and be blocked for life.

We did what we thought was the right thing; we took photos and explained the mess. AA was furious. Not with UtaUppity. No. With his agency for complaining. We fired each other there and then. Amicably. Happily divorced. 

Nice contrast.

Summary Of Our Beloved Danny; Our Cape Town Airbnb Property Management Agency Ideal Owner:

By now you know my friend Unhassle Danny is the ideal guy. A proper homeowner. We can become friends. He sees his agent as a trusted partner. He has an ego as we all do, but he can take it on the chin. And dish it out. But never at the cost of a long term relationship. We both give each other another opportunity to learn and discover together. 

It’s simple. It’s fun. In life, Unhassle Danny cares about everyone. Equally. If you win he wins. On the other hand; AA comes first. Always. If you win he loses. Always.  

It would be naive to think life and business are fun. But we can try. Do you agree? 

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