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5 Star Airbnb Street Signs: All About Pushing Unconditional Trust & Identity Increasing Airbnb Returns

5 Star Airbnb Street Signs: All About Creating Trust & Identity & Increasing Returns

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5 Star Airbnb Street Signs

Today I want to talk to you specifically about 5 star Airbnb street signs and why they are critical to trust building and being a verified entity. 

Let’s start with one of my favourite quotes… 

Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest. Seth Godin, 

The team believes in this. Why? We believe everything good multiplies due to our focus on trust. And to be trusted, online, we must get Google verified.

It’s measured in our guests’ reviews, how they score (4.9 out 5 for over 1300 reviews), in how our owners rate us, and being Superhosts.

It does not end there. Airbnb is where we get most of our business from, but do not underestimate Google. 

Google is another dragon, moving slowly but determinedly. And by investing in (hopefully) quality Cape Town short-term rental articles, getting seen on Google Maps we are gaining traction. 

For example, have a look at how guests and owners have rated us on Google. And more and more visitors to Cape Town contact us from here.

airbnb street signs create trust

Even at Google, people (guest and owners) score us 4.9 out of 5.

Why Are 5 Star Airbnb Street Signs Outside Your Home A Trust Creator?

Well, it’s not only a trust-creator but also an identity creator. Here are a few reasons these outside street signs add value:

Google Loves Business Street “Identification”

Well, it’s not only a trust creator, but also an identity creator. Here are a few reasons these outside street signs add value:

Google Loves Street Identification In Order To Verify The Entity 

CapeHolidays, as an entity, and each home, we manage, should have a street sign. Only then can we apply for verification. If verified, we appear on Google Maps when people search for accommodation. (Learn how to verify a business here).  

Here is an example:

word image 61687 1

Although, 3 years have passed since we started, we still have a way to go to get more homes verified – when they agree to the street sign.

What Is The Benefit Of A Google Verification?

Trust. Have you ever visited a restaurant and, the next thing, Google asks you if you want to review the place? The same is true if a guest leaves an Airbnb they stayed at.

By guests adding reviews, even photos and asking questions at the Google place for your home (see one such home Google verified), Google indexes these guest submissions and offers the results to searching (potential) guests.

5 Star Airbnb Street Signs whale house simonstown

Whale House In Simonstown

Google Verification Lesson The Airbnb “All Eggs In One Basket” Risk!

Today, we get most of our reservations from Airbnb. This is the trend worldwide. But it’s obviously a risk. By verifying through Google, guests can now enquire with us directly, bypassing Airbnb.

Why Not Ride On The Back Of Common Guest House And Hotels Signs?

Hotel street signWe all know that hotels and guest houses carry a street sign with the Hotel 5 stars, or 2 stars on it. These signs quickly tell you a lot about the accommodation. Before the Internet they were all we had to decide on the quality.

By adding our own 5 Star street sign we take a ride created by hotels and guest houses. But because we are 5 Star rated, we can brag about it.

We reconfirm with the guest our 5 star offering each time they enter the house

BTW: Phycology 101: we cannot, consciously or subconsciously, tell guests enough times that they are getting a 5 star experience. The more we do, the more they respect the home. (See how we never stop.)

5 Star Airbnb House Signs Remove Guest Frustration Trying To Locate The Airbnb

One of the most frustrating things for an excited holiday-mode guest is not finding their Airbnb. Unfortunately, some will take revenge at review time. And it’s an expensive mistake with a simple sign.

Let’s keep 5 star dominoes up right.

Objections To 5 Star Airbnb Street Signs

My House Is Historic I Cannot Add A Steet Sign

word image 61687 2


Understood. And many owners may agree with you. But as soon as they learn that many historic homes – guest houses and others – display various street signs, they realise the sign benefits both them, the agency and the guests wishing to stay.

  • We specially designed a simplistic sign not to distract from the historic home.
  • Simonstown, for example, is a historic town with many guest houses run from historic houses. Have you seen Whale View Manor with its flags and massive sign outside?

Read the summary on the benefits of a street sign before you dismiss the opportunity.

My House Will Be Targeted By Nasty People If They See My Street Sign

Nasty people are amongst us. And owners are concerned. What we have found is that the largest short-term rental agencies in Cape Town have street signs on most of their holiday homes.

And we asked why?

Why are there so many street signs throughout Cape Town if there is an objection like this?

Here are answers:

  • These agencies have not experienced an increase in activities because of their street signs.
  • No activity at constantly vacant homes can cause problems. Short-term rental homes, well managed, become a hive of activity with guests and management.
  • These street signs only share the minimum info; 5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐, Superhost and a web address.
  • Obviously, all homes should have proper security to deter bad people from entering.

Note: If general security in an area becomes so bad, then we should not expose guests to such risky areas.

Are Boats Build to Be Kept Safely In A Harbour?

No. Boats go out to the deep blue sea!

We can and should strive to be safe. Unfortunately, we can never create 100% safety. As safety will take our freedom away. And lock us in the apparent safe harbour (or prison).

john shedd quote

I Don’t Want To Pay For The Sign!

Excellent. We will add it for free. Even if you will pay for it, we will still offer it for free. Because these street signs should increase your investment and also improve ours. Win-win.

Summary Of Airbnb 5 Star Street Sign Benefits

Here it is again. See how we start with a simple street sign and end up with accumulating trust?

A street sign -> Google verification ->

Google asks guests to review -> Guests’ Review ->

Reviews accumulate -> Trust accumulates ->

New Guest Read The “Pot” Of Trust (Gold) -> Reserves Direct ->

Fewer Eggs In The Airbnb Basket.

From a street sign, with the help of Google, we created a fountain of trust, an alternative to Airbnb. We make life easier for guests to identify their location. And guests perceive CapeHolidays as a professional Superhost Agency where they can expect to experience 5 Star hospitality.

Trust! Trust! Trust! First, Then Work On The Rest.

Thanks for reading.

We hope to see a 5 Star Superhost street sign at your Cape Town short-term rental.




Johan Horak

Just another experience creator at CapeHolidays


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