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A Time To Let It Be? Covid & Tourism

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Hi Home Owner

Seems like a recurring topic: The virus. But today I want to talk about letting it be (remember John Lennon). 

Why? Well, I leave that for you to read and decide and let me know your thoughts.

I realised we cannot really let it be. How can we let it be if our survival is at stake? 

We set goals and make plans only to see the world carrying on without a care for them. It’s frustrating and we cannot do much!

But this gives us no reason to not be prepared. Never. 

I believe the virus (as bad as it is) exposes our unpreparedness. 

Let’s look at a few things:

The negative publicity regarding the bad SA variant. It has halted people from making plans.

It stopped most foreigners from staying in SA during the best months of 2021 summer (Feb, Mar, April). Dead. And those who want to stay exploit the issue and feel entitled to pay nothing for your lovely homes.

Unfortunately, our researchers in South Africa are excellent. Had they not been so on the ball, another country would have discovered the variant and we would not have that label.

CNN, just this morning, said that these so-called new variants are present in the USA (everywhere) but they have not yet been “discovered”. So much for killing the SA messenger.

I am just a regular dude, following the news but this is what I believe:

The vaccines are being rolled out with many logistical issues around the world. SA specifically is trying to counter corruption and failed to prepare; giving us a delayed rollout. 

Unfortunately, this is out of our personal control. Let it be. ?

We are just watching the circus. 

The good news is that the new SA cases are down to 23 June 2020 levels; meaning restrictions have been lifted

Early this morning people were on the beaches. And smugglers are giving their liquid merchandise away. 

In the meantime the world may recognise the “new variant” is not from SA; it’s a natural mutation and they will discover more. This may lift the negative perceptions and allow more to visit. 

Borders are opening, in some countries, for vaccinated tourists. The negative is when vaccinated tourists must negotiate local lockdowns. 

covid southafrica 1We will be going into winter; always a slow travel time. And lots will happen from now till peak holidays. Lots. 

The vaccines were developed in no time. Why can more vaccines not be released in no time? 

I read (unfortunately subscribers only) that India and China are in competition to increase their African political Covid influence with cheap vaccines. Good for us. 

And how may ivermectin (interesting discussion) or others limit transmission? No double-blind studies yet? But as one Prof. in SA said: you will not decline a parachute because no double-blind studies were done. You have nothing to lose. 

I think the point I am trying to make is: have a questioning mind but understand life is happening.

Covid will not evaporate without planning or science. But nothing stops us from researching how to use parachutes.

Your home is our priority and while we are doing as much as is reasonably possible to get bums in beds, we must not push what we cannot control.

Back to our friend, Lennon, who we often quoted;

‘Life is what happens when you are making other plans’

Some things only time will fix. 

Our business and your investment will recover. 

When? Hopefully by the end of the 3rd quarter. 

Wishing you a peaceful week.

Let it be.

Johan Horak

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