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How Do We Guarantee 5 Star Reviews?

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Dear Homeowner

As you know your home is remarkable. If not we would not have it as part of our portfolio and we would not get such amazing reviews.

CapeHolidays Airbnb reviews

But this doesn’t mean we can now relax.

As I have said many times; Airbnb is making money for their own pocket and this does not mean they have your best interests in mind.

The more homes Airbnb adds the more money they make. And your home, in their eyes, becomes a commodity. (I will discuss the Airbnb Plus, program where they try to counter this commoditization and most properties we manage where selected).

We, you, us and your asset have to stay way above boring.

Today we are getting amazing reviews. (Have you read some of the 272 reviews? Here’s a sample).

But how do we go one step better?

Not one guest must ever stay and complain. If we can prevent this we must. Today.

Here’s an additional proposal to ensure high star reviews:


There was a stage where we stayed at some of our owner’s home for various reasons but we never formalised this stay as part of our business.

Obviously, when we stayed, we were very critical and noticed issues we would never have noticed if we just managed or cleaned. For example…

  • Looking at a knife- you don’t know if it’s blunt.
  • Cleaning dishes you may miss a wobbly handle. But using it you know.
  • Opening a window if rust needs attention.
  • Stained sun deck furniture.

Now these are simple things. But how do you really know if a knife is blunt until you cut with it? And who wants to frustrate a guest with a blunt knife?

You get my point.

In the week we asked if Nandi Horak could stay for one night at one of our very popular Simonstown Cottages called Whalers.

First we informed the owner.

Tor came back

Thanks for asking. Of course ok.
Lets hope they will enjoy the cottage.

Well. Nandi stayed and had fun.  Let’s consider some of her feedback:

The cold water pipe to tap for the basin in the second bedroom is loose and the water mixer in the main bedroom is difficult to adjust.

You’ll notice that these are small issues but we all know the little foxes spoil vineyards.

Lorna King sent us an email asking us to stay at her home for a few days to verify the noise levels due to the Zip line that launched above her home. This was an excellent opportunity for Kevin, our manager, the stay at this lovely home and live it like a guest. He was able to hear the zip line, the noise volume and gave Lorna excllent feedback.

Our aim is not to get a free holiday.

We love our home. We have a great place to stay. All we care about is integrity.

Our main aim:

No guests must ever have an objection. Never!

Many other agencies we work with stay in their management homes for a few days during low season at no manage- or cleaning cost to the owner, with no other intention but to experience the home as a guest would.

We would like to do the same. And will include it in our Terms And Conditions for future homeowners.

The idea is to have the option to stay max 4 nights during low season or 2 to 4 nights at last minute when we it is available.

Note: You have the option to opt out if you are already one of our listing owners (before 20/04/2018). Just send us an email.


  • Eliminate little stupid issues guest may complain about. Not only will we be critical “guests” we will review the home and give a report to the owner on any issues that need to be addressed.
  • We will pay the cleaning costs.
  • Extra reviews: We will book the home via Airbnb so we can share a public review. Don’t worry. We will not share negative issues we observed. This is between us. But every review counts.

Remarkability is an experience. Your home is the experience. And we must aim for 5 star reviews. As 4.8 is great but not good enough.

The CapeHolidays Team


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