Holiday-Homes-In-Simonstown-Cape-Town BEACHES

Guaranteed 5-Star Holiday Houses in Simonstown, Cape Town Get 15% Discount

Holiday-Homes-In-Simonstown-Cape-Town BEACHESGuaranteed 5-Star Holiday Houses in Simonstown, Cape Town With 15% OFF

Are you looking for holiday houses in Simonstown, Cape Town South Africa? If you want the best 5-star holiday accommodation available then look no further. You can even go and swim at beautiful beaches like during sunrise with the penguins.

We have a wide range of self-catering holiday homes that will suit any budget or need. Whether you are on business or with your family and friends we have something to meet all wallets and tastes.

Today we will share 12 Simonstown self catering accommodations; from fancy designer homes, accommodation in Simonstown with jacuzzis, stylish one-bedrooms to old Whalers cottages.

These houses in Simonstown have one thing in common: they are all managed by experienced SuperHosts. You will never be disappointed. All these homes rate on average 4.8 out of 5.

Enough bragging. Let’s move on.

Oh, wait…….

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Frequently Asked Question About Simonstown

I will answer many frequently asked questions about Simon’s Town; in case you have never visited this historic village.

Okay. Let’s start with the 5 star rated holiday houses in Simonstown, Cape Town South Africa

4 & 5 Bedroom Holiday Houses In Simonstown

Modern 4 Bedroom Simonstown Self Catering Accommodation In Simons Kloof – Pax

4 bedroom holiday houses in simonstown cape town

8 guests 4 bedrooms 4 beds 4 baths Pool

This minimalistic luxury Simonstown self-catering accommodation has 4 en-suite bedrooms and is designed to accommodate 8 persons.

The architectural design was specifically created with the idea of a holiday home & is minimalist with exposed concrete, lime-washed wood, galvanised metal & touches of bright colour.

It is situated in the “most popular” and expensive suburb called Simon’s Kloof.

It’s protected from prevailing winds, and it has great views over the yacht basin; romantic picture all times of the day.

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Let’s look at another one of the 5-star holiday houses in Simonstown we have for you…

Simonstown Holiday Villa, Views, Pool, Penguins & Beach 3 Mins – Queens


10 guests 5 bedrooms 6 beds 5 baths Pool

Are looking for a modern, spacious Simonstown holiday home that is 3 mins from Water’s Edge beach and the Penguin Colony? This is perfect.

This modern dedicated holiday home is the ideal place to relax. Have a braai, sit in the sun, walk to the beach.

And every room is ensuite with privacy and space as you need it.

Enjoy the sunrises or relax with a cool beverage at sunsets.

This house is off Main Road. The rooms are modern and don’t have any built-in cupboards, but they do have hanging racks and shelves. The small plunge pool looks out over the ocean. It gets morning sun which protects it from excessive heat. 

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Are You Looking For Accommodation in Simons Town With Jacuzzi?

Nature | Ocean Views | Pool Jacuzzi | No Loadshedding – French Breeze

Accommodation in Simons Town With Jacuzzi

Cape Town 10 guests 4 bedrooms 5 beds 4 baths Pool Jacuzzi

A modern interior with stunning views, and easy to access; with a private lift into the house. Massive master bedroom with large open shower. Inquire for details.

The holiday home comes with a loadshedding-proof system among its other features that make it stand out.

Enjoy nature at this beautiful 4 bedroom home with an inviting pool, jacuzzi with indoor braai area in the jacuzzi room and outside trampoline.

On summer days unwind with meals on the deck. During winter stay cozy with the fire pit, all with breathtaking views over False Bay.

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Let’s continue and look at the three-bedroom holiday houses in Simonstown we have for you…

3 Bedroom Holiday Houses In Simonstown

Spacious, Sweeping Views For Sun Fun – WineHouse


6 guests 3 en-suite bedrooms 4 beds 3 baths

This luxury Simonstown holiday self-catering home is the perfect place; bring your friends or family to relax.

This luxury Simonstown self-catering home has been decorated and fitted with everything you will need. It’s located in a suburb of Simonstown looking out over the yacht basin and SA Navy.

In the morning, it is sunny; in the evening, you can see the stars in the sky.

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Let’s look at another one of the 3 bedroom holiday houses in Simonstown we have for you…

Luxury 3 Bedroom Holiday Home In Simonstown Views & Mod Cons – Meryl


6 guests 3 bedrooms 4 beds 2 baths

This stunning holiday home is in Seaforth with beautiful views and a great holiday feel. It’s set against the mountain, and as the crow flies towards the sea it’s above Boulders Beach. About 7 mins easy walk.

The walk home is uphill.

The rooms are light and bright. All rooms have access to a sunny balcony with wonderful views.

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Water’s Edge Boulders Beach Penguins Holiday Cottage – Gay Road


5 guests 3 bedrooms 4 beds 3 baths

How close would you like to be to the beach? 2 mins?  Water’s Edge snd Boulders Beach are near your doorstep, and you can also find the penguins here. Walkthrough the secluded garden onto the iconic Klein Tuin Street and you are there.

A delightful Victorian terraced house with 3 en-suite bedrooms is perfect for a stay in the Cape; exploring every corner of this fascinating location.

The Simonstown holiday cottage is a perfect place for families and friends to go on vacation. There are False Bay views, sun, shade, and indoor-outdoor space. Ideal and cozy.

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Let’s look at a few…

2 Bedroom Holiday Houses In Simonstown

Fresh | Nature | Views | Pool | Limit Loadshedding – Clan Cottage


4 guests 2 bedrooms 2 beds 2.0 baths Pool

This new property is a 3-story mountain cottage with an amazing view of the ocean. It has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The 2 nd floor bedroom suite features a private balcony for exceptional views. The main bedroom upstairs with an open bath, shares a balcony with the open plan lounge area.

You may want to spend all your time outside taking in the view. Or tan in the sun at the pool, and have a braai on the deck.

The views from this property are breathtaking either with morning coffee watching the sunset or a sundowner taking in the ocean.

Sunsets in this part of South Africa are captivating. As it approaches, you’ll watch the sunset behind you and will be mesmerized as it changes the colours of the sky.

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Holiday Cottage Near Boulder’s Beach & Penguins – Whalers

2-bedroom-cottage-holiday-houses-in-simonstown close to penguins

5 guests 2 bedrooms 2 beds 2 baths

This stylish, 100-year-old cottage is within walking distance to the sea and Boulders Beach penguin colony.

The beautiful, sunny patio at our Cape Town abode is an inviting place to have a romantic meal! But if your idea of romance is sitting in front of the fire with one another, you’ll love the indoor fireplace.

Lovely cottage in Simonstown sleeping 5, close to Seaforth and Boulders beach, swimming with penguins.

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Romantic Cottage For A Lazy Sunny Holiday Cottage – Belmont


4 guests 2 bedrooms 3 beds 2 baths

Expansive views at the delightful Simonstown holiday cottage in a secure 5 cluster village. Decorated with lots of outside areas in the sun or shade.

Ideal for getting a tan on the viewing deck or a private courtyard; a wind-protected coffee nook.

This house is great. It has a lot of space that lets the light come in, and it is spacious. The bedrooms are really cool for when people are on vacation and need to sleep someplace nice.

Design your perfect holiday with these luxurious 5 star rated houses in Simonstown.

Close to Boulder Beach.

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Historic Simonstown Holiday Cottage – Karibu

2-bedroom-simonstown-cottage close to beaches

5 guests 2 bedrooms 3 beds 2 baths

This restored cottage is on the same street that whalers once stayed. It features a cool design with high vaulted ceilings and exposed beams. Lie on the deck in front and watch boats sail into the harbour.

The cottage has partial sea views from the lounge, bedroom, front deck and outside patio, with the mountain as a backdrop.

And about 7 mins to Seaforth Beach and a few more to Boulders Penguin beach. How convenient? Just walk.

More holiday houses in Simonstown’s Simons Kloof. Well, these are holiday apartments.

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Luxury Romantic Simonstown Holiday Apartment With Pool – Eagle’s Nest


4 guests 2 bedrooms 2 beds 2 baths Shared Pool

Delightful luxury apartment with the “best views” in Simonstown. Yes! You get views in Simonstown from most homes. But this is special over the yachts, the bay and mountains. No wonder we call it Eagle’s Nest.

High against the mountain amongst nature in luxurious Simon’s Kloof. With shared pool. Peace & quiet. But has 80 steps.

This romantic 2-bedroom apartment en-suite is ideal for 4.

A small lounge with a small kitchenette and an outside deck. You are within walking distance to town but only the really fit will walk home. 

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One-Bedroom Holiday Houses In Simonstown

Tranquil Retreat | Luxury & Views One-Bedroom Apartment | Pool –Azure


2 guests 1 bedroom 1 bed 1 bath Shared Pool

Delightful luxury one bedroom holiday apartment with the “best views” in Simonstown, Cape Town, located in the most expensive Simon’s Kloof.

This 1-bedroom apartment provides a tranquil escape on the mountain in Simonstown Southern Africa.

Luxurious and lavish. A small lounge with a full kitchen and an outside deck. The town is a 5-minute walk from this house, but the most committed will do it as it’s steep going home. 

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Guaranteed 5 Star Rated Holiday Houses in Simonstown By +888 Previous Guests

These Holiday Houses in Simonstown, Cape Town are managed by No Nonsense Short Term Rental Agency CapeHolidays. We bring you a WOW experience you’ll never forget. Is that not what a holiday is all about? A pleasant memory. That’s our intention and where ever you look at our reviews we score mostly 4.9 out of 5. Meaning we still have room for improvement. And we work on that. If you stay with us you are guaranteed a SuperHome from Superhosts. And if you don’t trust us we will share the proof.

Questions About Simonstown:


How far is Simonstown from Cape Town?

45 min (44,7 km) via M3 and Ou Kaapse Weg. The tourist route via Chapman’s Peak is 49.3 km and about 80 mins. During season Chapman’s Peak can be slower.

How did Simon’s Town get its name? Or Who was Simon’s Town named after?

It’s named for Simon van der Stel, the Dutch governor who established a settlement there in 1659.

What is there to do in Simons Town at night?

The best thing at night in Simons Town is to listen to the sound of waves washing over sand. And find peace looking up at a sky full of stars. Or watch the night sky turn pink as the sun sets behind you.

If spending time outside just isn’t your scene, despite how nice it might be, then you could take some time to explore. There are also a few restaurants in town that you could head down for dinner.

However, if these things still aren’t doing anything for you then go ahead and try out Kalk Bay for fun.

How old is Simonstown? When was Simons town founded?

Some say it reaches back to around 1650. But according to Tuks University’s Robson, Linda Gillian (6 September 2011) tells us it was founded in 1680. What are 30 years? It was a long time ago.

What is Simons Town known for?

Simon’s Town is known for its naval base, nature, penguins, Boulders beach, whales and history.

Since the 1800s, Simonstown has been a British naval base and dockyard, with buildings including the Naval Officers Mess.

Simonstown is now a resort town, where people come to swim and sail. The warm currents make the water warmer, and it is great for water sports.

The colony of African penguins at Boulders Beach is a major attraction. It is also home to the Historical Mile, which is lined with buildings and has mountains in the back.

You can walk along the historic mile of the sea and see whales from June to November.

People come from far to the small cool beaches; like Water’s Edge, Boulders, Wind Mill and many more.

Simon’s Town also has great places to eat, as well as things for kids to do like other more adventurous activities. Hiking, cycling, boat trips, great short road trips.

The best time is sunrise and sunset. No view can compare after you watched the sun early or late afternoon.

What is the history of Simonstown?

Naval Base, Simon’s Town is where the South African Navy’s largest naval base is. Built-in 1815. The Naval Base now serves as the South African Naval Museum. In 1898 a large piece of land acquired to the east of the original yard for a dockyard extension. The dockyard expanded in 1975; they reclaimed a lot of land and made new walls from it to make an extra tidal basin. You can learn about Muslim heritage by visiting the Heritage Museum, which is on King George’s Way.

More current history:

People of colour faced a terrible blow when forcibly removed from their homes in 1967. The Simonstown community suffered massively during the onslaught. One of the most important projects that were started as a result of this tragedy is called Project Phoenix.

How much is it to get into Boulders Beach? And a similar question; How much does it cost to go to Boulders Beach?

How much is it to get into Boulders Beach?

South African Citizens and Residents (with ID): R40 per adult per day. R20 per child, per day. SADC Nationals (with passport): R85 per adult per day R42 per child, per day Standard Conservation Fee (International Visitors): R170 per adult per day. R85 per child, per day. But verify as these may change.

Can you touch the penguins at Boulders Beach?

I would not recommend it. They will defend and attack you if you go too close. Generally, they will avoid conflict. I suggest you respect their space.

How do I get to Boulders Beach?

You can drive there. It’s about an hour from Cape Town. Or take the Red Bus, get in an Uber (too costly), or go on a tour of the peninsula.

How far is Boulders Beach from Cape Town?

As the crow flies it’s 30 km, but you are no crow. The road distance is 40.6 km; between 50 and 60 mins drive depending on the route you take. The scenic Chapmans Peak will take the longest.

Can you swim with penguins at Boulders Beach?

Yes. Boulders Beach is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with these wonderful water birds. The colony is under the protection of SAN Parks and people need to pay a conservation fee in order to get access.

What is Boulders Beach famous for?

Boulders Beach is not just a great place for penguins. It’s a popular swimming beach where kids can climb over the boulders, explore the rock pools, or swim in the cool water – with penguins. It’s a good place to have a picnic.

What few people may tell you is that:

  1. You’ll still see steal anchors in the massive boulders where gentle whale giants were pulling on to the beach for their oil.
  2. During the Anglo-Boer war, the Brits had a prisoner of war camp for captured Boers here.

These Holiday Houses in Simonstown are brought to you by SuperHost where we assist Cape Town overs to manage and market their holiday homes. And bring them happy and respectfully guests.


Johan Horak

P.S. Just another experience creator.

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