Discover The 4 Highly Rated & Most Popular Farmers Markets Cape Town

Discover The 4 Highly Rated & Most Popular Farmers Markets Cape Town


How can a tourist to our city ever NOT visit a Farmers Markets Cape Town?

Being a tourist is all about experiences. You want to see what locals do. What do they eat and drink? Even the locals go to farmers markets just to meet friends, have coffee, a craft beer and, obviously, watch other locals.

You have no choice. Go.

As you know, there are so many great tastes, colours, and sounds just waiting for you—come find your new favourite thing to do; visit Farmers Markets Cape Town!

And don’t think it’s not just about savouring vegetable-loaded pastries or drinking fairtrade coffee, but also getting to meet the farmer who put everything together. Tasting local and seeing ordinary people having fun.

Where Do You Start Your Farmers Markets Cape Town Exploration?

There are many farmers markets in Cape Town to explore. But let’s start with the 4 best and most popular; as I want you to be confident. And as soon as you have taken the bait you can explore others.

What Do You Mean By The 4 Highly Rated & Most Popular Farmers Markets In Cape Town?

People vote with their feet. And if they like something they must tell others about it. What do they do? They write a public review and give the place a score out of.

It does not give me a lot of confidence if a market scores 5 out of 5 from 10 people. No. A few hundred is a better measure. Today we looked at Farmers Markets Cape Town with a score of 4.5 out of 5 and more than a couple of hundred reviews. 

Which Are The 4 Highly Rated & Most Popular Farmers Markets Cape Town?

Let me spill the beans and then you can read more about each farmers market below.

Great stuff. Pack your baskets, backpacks and personality. You are now going on a road trip to taste “local”.

No 1 Farmers Markets Cape Town Oranjezicht City Farm Market

cape town farmers market pasta del nata.jpeg

My number 1. Yes, I can be biased. Why is it top of my list?

No one thing stands out, but rather everything stands out. It may be the space and location. This market gets busy but never rushed. Well, that’s not always true; on a sunny day from 10 to 12, it is packed. We prefer to go just after 9, walk around, buy stuff and park at a bench with coffee and things to savour. Easy.

Originally, Oranjezicht City Farm Market was formerly worked by slaves who influenced the multicultural population of Cape Town (more history).

Today the Oranjezicht City Farm is a non-profit community farm project cultivating local food, culture and community through urban farming in Cape Town. And their organic produce is sold at Oranjezicht City Farm Market along with many other local farmers.

What Others Liked About Oranjezicht City Farm Market

  • The market is well run and has a variety of vendors
  • The food is delicious and fresh.
  • There are plenty of choices to make your shopping experience enjoyable.
  • It’s the best Farmers Market I’ve been to, in the whole world!
  • Line up early to get the best parking spot.
  • Fresh produce makes this market worth coming out for!
  • If you are an INSTA or Grammer (same thing?) then take lots of photos.

After shopping, sit down and watch. Drink your coffee and enjoy that Pasa de Nata; they are better than those you find in Portugal.

Elmarie get’s one of those. But I suggest you buy a loaf of fresh bread, farm cheese; blue and buttery. Get thinly sliced biltong. And make a sandwich to go with your local beer or coffee. Now you are tasting Africa!

What Others Did Not Like About Oranjezicht City Farm Market

  • Limited parking.
  • Very crowded at peak hours.
  • A few say it’s expensive.
  • No halaal

Okay. You have done the biltong, fresh bread and blue cheese snacks. Now let’s travel to The Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock.

No 2 Farmers Markets Cape Town The Neighbourgoods Market


The market describes itself as, “Trendy Saturday market in & around an old mill, with artisan products & gourmet foods”. Well, it’s cool. Just the Woodstock setting alone is enough evidence. This is not a place for bells, whistles, fancy earrings and high heels; at least not the shiny gold and sparkling diamond stuff.

As Gill describes it, a “multicultural and cosmopolitan, it was a memorable Saturday with great people, music and delicious “street” food”.

Again, which tourist will not visit this market? Maybe the fancy type. But ordinarily, people will have great fun. And it does not matter what kinds of food you like, they have it all; Halaal, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten and Sugar-free, Lactose – Intolerant, Raw and Organic. Just imagine buying local honey with Silver Status at the 2021 London Honey Awards.

What are the differences between The Neighbourgoods Market and the Oranjezicht City Farm Market?

This is for you to discover. But see if you agree with a few differences.

Neighbourgoods has music, which comes across as more cosmopolitan, it’s in a more constrained space than Oranjezicht City Farm Market. And the Woodstock area has a charm. Walking out in the street brings many surprises.

What Others Liked About The Neighbourgoods Market

Yes. It’s a market where people go WOW! See what they have to say…

  • The local culture is on point.
  • There are a variety of places to eat and shop.
  • Music is a nice touch.
  • The market is always clean and the ablution is immaculate.
  • Wonderful vibrant atmosphere with live music, a wide variety of delicious foods & drinks.

That’s so true. It’s a delight. And we had a lot of fun here. But reading this I know we must return there soon. See you.

Open: 9am-3pm – Every Saturday – Rain or Shine

No 3 Farmers Markets Cape Town The Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market

Interesting market at a cosmopolitan location. If you don’t know Muizenberg then go and check the locals hanging out here. And I am not only talking about the vendors. No. The patrons. They arrive in colour, kids, dogs (few), old, and young. On a Friday it becomes a party.

Grab some local food, wine or a beer and plonk on a bench near these locals. It will not take long to become friends. It’s fun. It’s Muizenberg. And it’s the real authentic deal.

What People Like About The Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market 

If you read what I shared above you don’t need more convincing. But if you need more…

  • The food is very good.
  • Alcohol seems to be priced reasonably for the quality, and it’s also well-stocked in the restaurant.
  • The service is friendly and helpful.
  • Indoor location means no weather issues.
  • This place is a great local spot with a vibe.
  • They support local businesses

What People Didn’t Like About The Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market 

Well. If you go early most of these issues are irrelevant. Just go there!

  • They have propped extractor fans, but there are not enough to cool down the area when it’s busy.
  • Crowded parking.
  • Sometimes hard to find a place to sit.
  • Gets stuffy and hot with masks on.
  • Food stalls are limited.

Open: Every Thursday 4 pm to 9 pm and every Friday 4 pm to 10 pm

Great stuff. But if you cannot get to any of the above markets visit the following market at the V&A Waterfront for food.

No 4 Farmers Markets Cape Town The Neighbourgoods Market V&A Food Market


V&A Food Market is a vibrant area and a great way to experience all that Cape Town has to offer – quickly. With vendors for local gourmet goods, street food and international cuisine, you’ll never get bored of what’s on offer.

It’s a daily option, which makes it ideal for tourists passing by. Pop in if you’re looking for a more casual eating experience. And feel the vibe and the tastes.

They are convenient, have a variety and are popular; although some say they are expensive they are a lot less costly than sitting down at a restaurant.

What Visitors Liked About The V&A Food Market

For a quick review let’s have a look at why people recommend the V&A Market:

  • The variety of the food and drink is varied and worth exploring. You’ll love to get a taste from each counter
  • The atmosphere is always delightful, especially with the colourful lights around the place. Chilled vibes.
  • Very convenient location.
  • Food is tasty and authentic.
  • The prices are fair, but not cheap.

What Visitors Don’t Like About The V&A Food Market

Well, you want to know what to look out for. Here are a few:

  • Not a lot of variety for some.
  • Not cheap for some.

Well, it was not easy to find many negatives. Obviously, it’s not a true farmers market but it gives you a good feel for alternative food. Now you can surprise your taste buds and explore the other Farmers Markets in Cape Town.

Another Cape Town Markets Worth A Mention

Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay.


They score 4.4 out of 5. Not bad but not the top. It’s odd as it’s a very old market on the harbour at Hout Bay. It’s really a nice trip out there. If you are in the area on a Saturday or Sunday you should not be disappointed.

Most critical reviews mentioned prices, limited area to eat, the harbour smell, and overcrowding.

Are You Going To Visit Farmers Markets Cape Town?

Did you make a note to visit one of these farmers markets? If not, why not? You told me you are looking for an authentic local experience. It’s even a free experience; you pay for the things you buy, the food you eat and the beers you drink.

But the local experience is free. You definitely get a LOT more for the bucks you spend.

And if you visit any of these markets why not meet up with the Horak Clan. It can only be fun.

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