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Covid Cape Town Airbnb 2021: And Here We Are Doing The “Last” Slog Before The Fun Starts Again

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Dear Cape Town Homeowner

Covid Cape Town Airbnb impact on 2021 and what we learned.

A new year.

Someone described Covid as a marathon. The first few kilometres are painful as you find your rhythm. Then you hit a high. And just as it gets easier the slow slog home is one foot-dragging in front of the other.

We were all lucky to have had a generous (relative) tourist influx over peak.

Now for the drag homewards.

Hanging upside down on a rope from a tree in yoga pose. Not fun. But let it be.

With the changes, we found a different kind of guest to what we are used to. Many new to self-catering.

These “new Airbnb guests” expected (demanded) daily cleaning.

And, even if you indicate cleaning after 7 days, on the listings, they wanted more. Not one but many. Where possible we always offer, but the truth is we don’t have the (hotel kind of) staff and the reduced rates already made extras impossible. But not only impossible. It’s IS SELF CATERING!

One guy, with a record of staying at hotels, arrived. And went from mad to worse. He gave us a revengeful score of 2 out of 5, but strangely; a sub category of accuracy he gave us a 4 out of 5.

We have 100s of 5-star reviews. Averaging at 4.9. Never ever a 2.

Another was very happy but gave us 4 out 5 because he did not like the coffee pot and thought the pool was not much bigger than a tub! The list always goes on.

Well. We are now highlighting No Daily Cleaning everywhere.

Reminding them this is self-catering; not a serviced hotel.

We refresh after a week and expect the homes to be treated with respect.

That’s the bad news.

We just got the notification- we made Superhost status again.

Thanks must go to you, the owner, for trusting us with your house and to our staff for keeping it in top shape and making our guests smile.

Being a Superhost has many advantages; higher search rankings giving higher occupancy.

It is for this reason that we must protect your and our credibility. Homes must always improve. We may not relax. If guests pay they look for reasons to judge. One domino and the swing from innocent to mad. Don’t let the see-saw tilt.

Aureol did a comprehensive audit on each home, which we will share in due time. We will start the “upgrades” and “fixes” the same way you eat an elephant  – one bite at a time.

Let’s continue to keep your home in 5 Star condition. We are a team. Your win is our win. Love it.

Wishing you well. Keep safe. And adjust the yoga pose. We will make it.

Have fun,

Johan Horak

“Creating MORE Remarkable Experiences”

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