Coronavirus Airbnb VS Hotels: Airbnb IS SAFER!

Coronavirus Airbnb VS Hotels: Why Should The Coronavirus in South Africa Lockdown Kill Airbnb Further?

Coronavirus Airbnb VS Hotels: Airbnb IS SAFER!

Coronavirus in South Africa Lockdown Kill Airbnb Further


Is it to your advantage of staying either at a South African Airbnb or rather a Hotel during the COVID-19 pandemic? Assuming you have the option.

In other words, where is it more likely you can be infected or infect others?

Or when infected at any of these where is it easier to detect who got infected?

And, lastly, you may want to know if you have been in close contact with an infected?

Let’s try and get answers.

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Airbnb Coronavirus Airbnb Risks South Africa:

To compare the COVID infection risks at Airbnb vs Hotels we should look at places where social interactions take place.

Here is my list of 5 high-risk social interaction concerns.

  1. Guest entry and departure
  2. Number of people in the party
  3. How easy is it to identify the infected?
  4. How does the location impact possible infection?
  5. What about room refresh and linen changes?

Before I dig deeper I must stress that hotels, guest houses, and Airbnb self-catering accommodation are in the same nasty COVID boat.

It does not give me pleasure to knock one so that the other can benefit.

But how else do I show the pros and cons? I believe you have to compare so that you can choose.

I am biased but will l try and be fair; I’ll share facts rather than my opinion. And you’ll be the judge.

Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

At the end, I’ll share my opinion on where I’ll rather stay!

Let’s consider…..

Arrivals & Departures at Hotels

You know what a hotel reception can look like. And I am not talking about Mom and Pop hotels in the mountains. No. In most cases you share the same lobby with others, you meet check-in staff. And other guests.


Hotels can and should limit the number of people at the reception.

What about arrival/departure at an Airbnb?

South African COVID Airbnb hosts or any, can give you the option to enter/exit without meeting anyone. Zero staff guest interaction. Only you and your small group access the accommodation with a key safe or keyless tool.

Then the…

The number of people in the party is obviously a COVID concern. The larger the crowd the higher the risk.

Imagine the number of guests at hotels.

In general, hotels are designed for ten or many more guests, mingling between each other, staff, delivery people, and others. Again hotels will have to limit these numbers.

On the other hand at an Airbnb 93% of all groups tend to be 4 or less.

And obviously, the smaller the party the less infection risk you have. Having ten guests or more at an Airbnb is an exception.


How easy is it to identify the COVID infected if it occurs at Airbnb vs Hotels?


As above, unfortunately, with many guests, and staff, high turn over of guests, and different itineraries, infections at hotels are more complex to trace.

But with ten or fewer guests from a close-knit or hand-picked group of friends or family at an Airbnb; the infection can be easier contained and traced.

Let’s move on…

How does the location impact possible COVID infections?

As you know most hotels tend to be in high-density areas.

Whereas, Airbnbs tend to be dispersed throughout less dense suburbia.

One issue not addressed in the comparison is cleaning and disinfection between stays. Airbnb has developed an enhanced disinfection certification for hosts. (See Coronavirus Airbnb cleaning and disinfection protocol).

For today, let’s assume Airbnb and hotels both do an exceptional job.

But what about linen changes and room refreshing while guests are staying?

Pre COVID we all expected hotels to at least refreshing our room daily, this will have to change. And concerned hotel guests may opt for no refresh.

On the other hand, Airbnb guests don’t really expect a refresh or linen change. They may even do the refresh themselves.

And if Airbnb guests stay longer than ten nights guests could be given the option of clean linen left for them before arrival. As long as they do the beds themselves.

Okay. Over to you.

What does your gut tell you?

If you had options, where will you choose to stay while COVID is active? Do you think I have done a fair comparison? Leave a comment.

My opinion is not important but for what it’s worth I’ll share it at the end.

Remember to leave a comment, subscribe to receive our free Owners Airbnb Tips via Whatsapp or via YouTube, and why not share this article. The right people may just see it: Coronavirus Airbnb VS Hotels: Why Should The Coronavirus in South Africa. 

Have Fun. Be Good.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Nelson Mandela.

Johan Horak
P. S. My opinion. I believe Airbnb or self-catering is like a ring-fence. As a guest I am in full control of who has access to the accommodation; I choose my party members, I am in better control of social interaction, and no outsider has access if I don’t allow it. Does it sound like a way to reduce risk?

Johan Horak. Be good. See you next week. Right here. 


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