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The Latest Happy Cape Town Tourism News Update & Trends 2021

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The Latest Cape Town Tourism News Update

Latest Cape Town Tourism News Update

Things are changing and it’s time to share the latest Cape Town tourism news. Eighteen months ago the outlook was bleak. But things are changing fast. Not only are we getting used to COVID. No. After a cold and very wet winter, with dams bursting summer is around the corner. More flights are arriving. We all want to get out and have fun. But are we out yet? No.

Today, we will consider the tourism scene in Cape Town, arrivals at the airport, and COVID vaccinations.

First The Bad Cape Town Tourism News

The UK red listing us has cost South Africa over R2.4 billion says World Travel Council. And more than 430,000 UK visitors arrived in South Africa during 2020. Only 8000 people travelled to South Africa in the first five months of this year.

As a result of the massive drop in international travel caused by the virus, UK arrivals decreased by nearly 97%. This is due to South Africa’s classification as a red list country. Influential European countries like Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland have relaxed travel restrictions to and from South Africa. Canada has also opened up to vaccinated South Africans.

It does not look as though the UK will soon budge on this restriction.

Highest Recovery Rate AT Cape Town Airport Arrivals.

Cape Town Tourism News:

Cape Town International Airport welcomed passengers with open arms following its busiest day since it reopened in October 2020 (Air Route Network Update by Cape Town Air Access).

  1. International passenger numbers increased by 21% of the passenger volume recorded compared to the same period in 2019.
  2. Domestic passenger numbers when comparing the first three weeks of August 2021 with the same period in 2019 the passenger recovery was 36%.
  3. International airline capacity recovery was 50%.
  4.  Load factors have also increased to a year-high of 84%, an indication that flights have remained full.

International Airlines Resuming Services To Cape Town

International airlines that recently resumed services to Cape Town:

Several international airlines recently resumed suspended routes to Cape Town as the environment is stabilizing.

Singapore Airlines arrive and depart twice a week. While Emirates are three times a week.

Currently, British Airways plans to return to the Mother City on 1 November 2021 with a daily service between Cape Town and Heathrow. Hopefully, they know more about the UK Government’s RED list plans.

And if you want to catch up on wildlife while in Cape Town, Comair is introducing a daily service between Cape Town and Hoedspruit from 1 September.

The expectation is that “with the incremental addition of flight frequencies and the re-introduction of carrier routes as travel restrictions are relaxed in major source markets”. Both the domestic and international markets will improve, with increasing domestic and international vaccination rates and the return of more international carriers to Cape Town.

A successful summer season is critical for the recovery of the tourism

David Maynier cape town tourism news

Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities in the Western Cape, David Maynier, commented:

The latest … data … provides a glimmer of hope for the tourism and travel industry…

A successful summer season is critical for the recovery of the tourism sector and so we welcome back those international airlines that are resuming service to Cape Town.

We know that tourism can bounce back but it will take place at different stages depending on travel restrictions, changes in consumer behaviour and the progress of the vaccine rollout, and so we continue to work hard to promote the region to domestic and international travellers and remove any barriers preventing travellers from visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape.”. More.

Looking Back Over The Wet Cape Town Winter 2021

Since Covid locked us down occupancy came to a halt during the first few months. Then we adopted the strategy as we realised travellers are staying longer. And occupancy increased.

For our 32 Airbnb listings, the average occupancy rate for Sep 6, 2020 – Sep 6, 2021, is up 16.4% compared to the previous 365 days. But September 2021 is worse than last year September. This September is one of the lowest months in a long time. Odd.

Many homes had occupancy at about 75% for the year. The average is about 50% with a few homes with restrictive stay requirements at zero occupancies.

We had a wet and cold winter and sometimes excessive energy consumption. And it may have affected travellers during September; the wet weather affected a few homes with burst pipes, roof leaks and dampness. These homes had to be closed for maintenance with its impact on occupancy. (Cape Town dam levels on 3 September 2021 were 101.7%).

Can We Say Good Bye To The Virus And Enjoy Cape Town?

We have high hopes. Maybe not goodbye but less fearful.

After a very cold and wet winter, our tourism industry is on the rebound. Home occupancy rates are better. And indications are more people are arriving at the Airport.

We may have not yet reached that point where we can say “we’re out!” but it seems like things might be looking up here in Cape Town.

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