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4 Winning Cape Town Airbnb Home Design Tips: Kick Start Airbnb Income Through Strategic Design

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A Case Study: Cape Town Airbnb Home Design Tips

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Cape Town Airbnb home design tips: Let’s consider the following case study on how the design of a home in Cape Town can affect the potential return on investment.

The owner of a beautiful new Airbnb property is eagerly anticipating a big hit on Airbnb for her stylish Cape Town property. It features a main bedroom for her and her husband, a kid’s bunk bed, a private studio for visiting grandparents, and a loft with a futon in the roof.

The location is ideal, and the house itself is gorgeous with panoramic ocean views, but there are a few issues that could limit its income potential. We know from experience that properties configured thoughtfully to maximise rental income, rather than personal family use, tend to achieve higher occupancy and nightly rates.

The Problem: Guest Preferences

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One of the biggest factors affecting an Airbnb property’s income is the configuration of bedrooms and amenities. Luxury travellers and adult groups are often willing to pay premium rates, but they expect equality amongst the rooms.

The presence of a “kids’ room” with bunk beds or a basic futon indicates to guests that the rooms are not equally comfortable or well-appointed.

Similarly, guests expect consistency in room sizes, views, and amenities like en-suite bathrooms.

They are particular about which room they stay in and having unequal rooms causes issues when allocating amongst their group.

Travelling adults have standards and egos; they don’t want to draw the short straw or have awkward conversations about who gets the prime spaces.

In addition to the unequal bedroom setup, this home lacks one of the key features that guests in this price range expect: a private pool or hot tub. While the location itself is a major selling point, competing luxury rentals in the area almost all boast pools. Without one, this home risks being passed over for its competition.

Cape Town Airbnb Home Design Tips: Potential Solutions

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To better match guest expectations and maximise income potential, we recommended some strategic changes.

  1. Convert the kids’ bunk bed room to a queen or double bed to appeal to adults.
  2. Differentiate and add a hot tub, potentially making you two times more. And now you compete with those with a pool.
  3. Carefully stage and market the rooms to meet adult guest standards.
  4. Owners wanting to maximise Airbnb income should learn from this and design for the needs of adult guests rather than for personal family use.

As experienced Airbnb managers, we believe a few small tweaks could make a big difference in the performance of this property.


While the owner designed a beautiful home ideally suited for her family, strategic changes are imperative to optimise it as a profitable Airbnb rental. Until features like an additional adult bed and hot tub are added, her income expectations may not be realistic compared to similar luxury homes in the area.

The home may sleep 10, but the income potential is a factor in how many equal adults can sleep here. In this home, four equal adults can stay, and two lesser (or those who draw the short straw on the bunk bed) adults can sleep here.

Nearly all comparable properties in this premium price range boast amenities like a private pool as well as bedroom configurations better suited for groups of travelling adults. Without changes to make the home more competitive, it may earn less than its neighbouring competitors.

As her management team, we aim to set realistic expectations and make expert recommendations to maximise her income potential. With some small but impactful tweaks, we are confident this property can meet its full potential. But the only true judge is the guest, who has many options to choose from in this class of luxury rentals.

We will help position her home strategically to attract the right high-paying guests through professional marketing and management.

Do you have any cool Cape Town Airbnb home design tips? Why not share it?


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