The Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town

1 Day In The Life Of The CapeHolidays Team: Striving To Become The Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town

Discover What Makes CapeHolidays Happy While Striving To Become The Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town

Striving to be the best short term rental agency in Cape Town is a continuous effort. It’s difficult – as we do make mistakes. But then we get reviews. And more reviews. And we are happy! Every day is a happy day at CapeHolidays. How idyllic? You may say.



The Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town

From the left: Coral, Aureol, Patricia, Tishi, Elmarie and Nandi. Striving to be the best short term rental agency in Cape Town.

But 99% of the time it’s true. Let me tell you what makes us happy. 

Once a day or once a week, we get flooded with reviews from guests who departed from the short term rental Airbnbs we manage in and around Cape Town. 

BTW: A few weeks ago was such a day. An owner invited us to stay at his home and test all functions of the home after he installed a solar system. It’s always and pleasure to do and a great way for us to eliminate issues guests may have. Therefore, the above photo at Beach Views. See the place and note our reviews here. 

Reading the reviews of the day, I felt proud, privileged, and fortunate to be part of a team who manage various short-term rentals in Cape Town. The management team is fantastic. The owners provide 5-star holiday accommodation. 

Every time we get a review (good or bad) we send it to the owner and our Airbnb hosts. These reviews are like our energy.  And encourage us to continue and improve our offerings continuously. 

Typical Reviews For This Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town

Let me share with you one day’s worth of reviews. And you’ll realise the impact, note the ideas for improvement and the central message when you read them all in one go. 

Here we start. Remember, it’s August – a wet and cold winter – 2022.

Elmarie got the review and then sends out an intro to owner and hosts on how to improve our Airbnb-managed homes in Cape Town.

From Elmarie to owner and hosts:

Most guests who arrived from the unbearably hot summer in the Northern Hemisphere found Cape Town very cold. We bought hot water bottles for all houses but will certainly invest in, at least, 1 thick extra blanket per bed.

The Review From Guest at St James Bliss

Claire’s Review

Aug 20 – Aug 24, 2022

Beach | In Style | Fun | Peace | #WowCapeholidays

Overall rating 5 star 

A very peaceful place to stay walking distance from restaurants and the buzz… simple and perfectly located. We loved it ❤️

Private note

We loved our peaceful stay with you! Thank you! One little thing for us overseas visitors that join you in winter and are used to central heating: perhaps leave an extra thick blanket for the beds.

Review From Guest at French Breeze 

Douw’s Review

Aug 23 – Aug 28, 2022

French Breeze Nature | OceanViews | Pool| No Load Shedding

Overall rating 5 star

Best hosts to ask for are Nandi and Elmarie. Everything went well without a glitch. So happy that i could stay in their place . Definitely worth a 5 start from my side and i can encourage anyone to stay there. Most amazing house with the beat views. I just love this place.

Review From Guest at Tranquil Azure

Elmarie’s intro:

Ilya extended his stay several times, as he had a wonderful time and did not want to leave. 

As always, Aureol was immediate with her response and action to any hick-ups. Thank you for ensuring another 5-star review, Aureol.

Ilya’s Review

Aug 14 – Aug 29, 2022

Overall rating 5 star 

Public review:

This is an all-5-star rating, everything was perfect and I couldn’t wish for more. The flat was equipped with all the necessary items, it was actually more than I expected. Communication was outstanding, whenever there was an issue I have received an immediate response and advice. I would like to thank Aureol and team for making my stay in Cape Town unforgettable. I would definitely book again! And one thing for those who care about working remotely – this is the fastest and the most stable Wifi connection that I had in SA so far. 

Review From Guest at Surf Haven

Elmarie’s intro, 

We are yet to get a guest not loving Surf Haven – 5 stars are the absolute norm here. Well done to all involved for making this possible. 

Guest Yavini’s Review

Aug 21 – Aug 29, 2022

Cheerful Surfer’s Haven in Muizenberg

Overall rating 5 star 

This home away was so perfect. Uber comfortable, spacious, and there was nothing we needed that we didnt find. We extended our week long stay since leaving was not easy 

And, very typical, the CapeHolidays team would receive responses like these from owners after they read the review:

Response From Holiday Home Owner Peter at Surfer’s Haven 

Dear Elmarie, Coral and Aureol,

I really want to express how happy I am and we all are. We got 6 reviews now and everything is 100% stellar. We are very fortunate to have you on our side, you guided us very well to get everything in shape and the guest’s feedback speaks for itself. Again, thank you very much for everything and I’m looking forward to see you all end of the year or early next year.

Love and hugs 


Review From Guest at Wine House

Guest Rendani

Aug 25 – Aug 30, 2022

Stylish, Spacious, Sweeping Views For Sun Fun

Overall rating 5 star

The house was well equipped with everything we needed. The uncapped wifi that is very effective was a bonus for the boys. Oh our host – Aureol is so warm and welcoming, she allowed us space to enjoy the house and was very helpful with things to do in Cape Town. Our suggestion will be to put blankets in each room for some of us from the North 😀, not used to Cape Town weather.

Are We Making Progress In Our Efforts To Become The Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town?

We are not the judge of being the best or not. You are. All we can judge is on happiness. 

I introduced this brag by saying, 

Every day is a happy day. How idyllic? But 99% of the time it’s true.

Am I wrong? 

Idyllic? Maybe. Yes, we get a few really extreme guests. We drop the ball – but infrequently. With amazing Airbnb hosts, excellent owners and 5-star Airbnb homes, we are happy. And I am sure you’ll agree. We have a reason to be… 

If we cannot at least try to do it well, we don’t even get involved. We will therefore rather turn you down today than disappoint you tomorrow.

Have Fun

Johan Horak

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P.S. To Become The Best Short Term Rental Agency in Cape Town We Must Learn From These Reviews:

Happy guests are the ultimate measure. But you learn from your mistakes. The above guests gave us 5 Stars, and two mentioned our cold winter. Winter is a low demand period. However, more and more foreigners visit our shores because accommodation is affordable. While staying they are cold. On the other side is high electricity consumption during winter. And electricity will not become cheaper. We need to be clever.

The guests suggested extra warm blankets. And we agree. A cosy warm blanket is an investment once. It’s not a running expense like electricity. Let’s get one for each bed. And get future guests to rave about these blankets.

Learn 5 Tips On How To Stop Bad Reviews When Cape Town Airbnb Hosts Make Winter Snoozy.

While you are still reading, why not share a happiness quote?

While striving to be the best short term rental agency in Cape Town we will never sacrifice laughter because our chief aim is happiness – before being the best. Being the biggest Airbnb agency is meaningless. Best is nice, but happiness is so much better. This defines us as a team. Not always easy to laugh. But we try.

through happness we strive Best Short Term Rental Agency In Cape Town


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