Airbnb property's risk

Fortify Your Airbnb Property’s Risk Remotely With Smart Tools

How To Limit Your Airbnb Property’s Risk

Airbnb Property's Risk

Airbnb property’s risk? We are all aware of the risks. As an Airbnb host, one of your top priorities is keeping your property secure and well-maintained. But no host is on-site all the time. And it can be tough to stay on top of issues that come up; guests making too much noise at night, unauthorised guests, they may smoke, extreme temperatures that can damage appliances or rack up your electricity bill, and more.

That’s why I want to share with you a relatively common technology called Minut and others that can help you or your management company monitor and manage your Airbnb rental remotely.

Airbnb Property's Risk remotely

These Minut devices are compact, wireless smart home monitors installed in your lounge area or other areas to provide real-time insights into your property.

Airbnb party control Airbnb Property's Risk

Airbnb property’s risk can be reduced with the Minut device:

  • Detect loud noises and monitor how long they last, so you’re alerted to parties but not occasional loud noises like a door slamming. This helps prevent the start of a party or noise complaints from neighbours.
  • Track occupancy by counting mobile devices connected to WiFi, so you know if more guests show up than booked.
  • Monitor motion to confirm guests have checked in/out. (We don’t really do remote checking).
  • Alert you if someone tampers with the device.
  • Check the temperature – great for ensuring guest comfort and catching extreme temps that can waste electricity, especially crucial in Cape Town’s chilly winters.
  • Recognize cigarette smoke separately and notify you. It also includes a fire/CO alarm.
  • Detects mould.
  • Schedule various messages.

Noise at an airbnb Airbnb Property's Risk

The ability to get notifications about issues as they arise means hosts can address problems promptly, rather than after guests depart. This minimises damage, keeps neighbours happy, and improves the experience for your next guests.

While the lounge placement won’t detect issues in distant rooms, Minut provides invaluable insight you simply can’t get when managing a property remotely.

The cost is currently a little less than R4000 ($180) per year (there is a once-off import fee of about R400). Not cheap.

I believe that the Minut-type devices are better suited to larger properties or properties that attract more frequent party-type incidents that require real-time monitoring. In the past, we have had very few issues. We like to think that vetting guests, meeting guests at arrival, having 4-day minimum stays and having correct house rules may help to reduce the risks. But things can go wrong. And certain homes tend to attract people who don’t stay peacefully.

As you know, additional guests arriving, the start of a party and smoking cannot be monitored currently. If you feel the above is a risk you are not willing to take then get it.

Let us know and we can arrange. Or can we give you the local supplier’s details to contact.

How do you manage your Airbnb property’s risk?

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